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My name is Thomas Hodgman and I am a lawyer who helps people to immigrate to the United States. If you have looked into what is involved in moving to the US you will know that it is quite a complicated procedure. That is why we are here to help guide you through the process so that you have the best chance of becoming an American.

The first thing that you should know about immigrating to the United States is that it is in fact possible, at least for most people. There seems to be a belief out there that it is nearly impossible to get a green card. This is in fact not true but you do have to know what you are doing. There are actually american flag waving several different ways that you can get approved to immigrate to the United States, one of the biggest reasons that people are unsuccessful is that they apply in the wrong category. With my help we can make sure that you apply for the right category to give you the best chance of getting approved.

While there are ways for most people to move to the United States the people with the best chance will be those who already have family who live there. The best chance is for people who are the unmarried children of US citizens however for married children, spouses and siblings there is also a pretty good chance that you will be approved. This is because there is a belief that people who have family in the US will be able to adapt better, whether this is true or not it is the policy so if it applies to you then you should take advantage of it.

The next most likely way that you are going to be able to get accepted as an immigrant will be through the diversity lottery. This is a program where a certain number of people from each country are granted green cards every year. In order to get into the lottery you need to meet certain requirements so it is a good idea to contact my office to make sure that you are able to qualify for the lottery. There are a few other situations where you may be able to immigrate so if you don't have family in the US and you don't win the green card lottery you should contact us to discuss them.

Of course for most people getting a green card is just the first step, the ultimate goal is to become a citizen. This is a long and complicated process so you will definitely want to contact us to discuss how to do it. In general you will be able to apply after you have lived in the US for five years but this does vary. There are a lot of exceptions to the rules so you will need to discuss your particular case with us.