Green Card: What is it?


If you have any interest in moving to the United States you have probably heard a great deal of discussion about green cards. It is important that you be clear on just what a green card is. It is something that you have to have if you are going to live in the US permanently and it is the first step to becoming a citizen. There are several different ways that you can qualify to get one so you will need to decide which route is most likely to be successful for you.

green card detail A green card is what grants immigrants to the United States status as permanent residents. Basically it is what is required to live and work in the US. They are in very high demand as there are far more applicants for them than the number that are granted. Therefore if you are interested in moving to the US you are going to have to ensure that you meet all of the requirements for getting one.

The main way that people get a green card is by finding an employer to sponsor them. This is getting to be a lot harder than it used to however. The challenge is that with the high level of unemployment that currently exists in the US it is hard to get approved. In most cases your employer has to be able to show that they can't find an American who is able to do the job. Obviously with so many people out of work this is not easy to do. The best chance that you have to qualify this way is to have a unique skill that is in high demand.

The other common way to get a green card is to have family who is in the United States. This is primarily intended to allow people who are married to an American to move to the US although there are other family members who may be qualified. According to our friends at The Law Blog .net, this is probably the easiest way to qualify to live in the United States if you already have family in the country since you really don't have to have any other qualifications.

The other commonly used way to get a green card is through what is known as the diversity lottery. Every year the US government decides that they are going to allow a certain number of immigrants from each country. Anybody who meets the qualifications that are established can then put in an application and a lottery will be held to determine who will qualify for these. Depending on where you are from there may be a great deal of competition for these spots. Therefore this is not really the best option for getting into the US. However If you are unable to qualify through one of the other means then this is really going to be the only option that you have available if you want to live in the US.