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How I Can Be of Help!


I have been an immigration lawyer for years now and I have helped thousands of people to immigrate to the United States. It is the only area of law that I practice so I really know what I am doing. If you are looking to move to the US I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your case. There are lots of ways that I can help you.

The biggest way that I can be of help to you is to look at your situation and guide you to the best way for you to be able to immigrate to the US. There are lots of different ways that you can admitted and the best one is going to depend on a lot of different things. I can use my expertise and years of experience to help to make sure that you apply for the category where you will have the best chance of success. I will also be able to explain to you the steps that you can take to improve your chances.

In order for you to have any chance of being admitted to the US as an immigrant you are going to have to make sure that all of the applications and other documentation are filled out properly. This is not an easy thing to do since the forms can be quite complicated. This is especially problematic if English is not your first language. One of the things that I do for many of my clients is to fill out the forms on their behalf. This ensures that they are done properly so that you will not have long delays or worse your file closed altogether.

There is a good chance that somewhere along the way your application is going to run into a delay of some sort or other. Most applicants will need to get a waiver for something and in many cases will find that they are rejected for no good reason. When this happens it will be necessary launch an appeal on your behalf. In many cases these appeals are a mere formality and waivers are easy to get however you are still going to want to have a lawyer to represent you.

There will be some cases where you are going to need to do more than just launch an appeal with the Department of Immigration. In these cases you are going to have to go to court in order to fight for your right to immigrate. This will certainly require a lawyer and this is something that I have a great deal of experience doing. You need to make sure that you are represented by somebody who specializes in immigration law. There is a lot that your lawyer has to know which is why you need to have somebody with lots of experience in the field.